Necklaces collection

Delicate Necklaces ,Elegant and understated necklaces with fine chains, unique pendants, and minimalist designs

  • Sterling silver blue opal heart necklace

    Regular price LE 1,309.00 EGP
    Sale price LE 1,309.00 EGP Regular price LE 1,540.00 EGP
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  • Sterling silver key to the heart dancing crystal necklace

    Regular price LE 1,564.00 EGP
    Sale price LE 1,564.00 EGP Regular price LE 1,840.00 EGP
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  • Sterling silver simple little white pearl necklace

    Regular price LE 1,088.00 EGP
    Sale price LE 1,088.00 EGP Regular price LE 1,280.00 EGP
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  • Sterling silver rose dancing crystal heart necklace

    Regular price LE 1,470.00 EGP
    Sale price LE 1,470.00 EGP Regular price LE 1,960.00 EGP
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Earrings collection

Earrings that thread through the earlobe, available in a range of styles, from delicate and minimalist to bold and elaborate.

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New Arrivals2023 Collection

"Sparkle and Shine with Our Latest Collection of Jewelry New Arrivals"

  • Heart over heart Swarovski crystal simple necklace

    Regular price LE 1,240.00 EGP
    Sale price LE 1,240.00 EGP Regular price LE 0.00 EGP
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  • Fancy Swarovski Crystal Multicolor Bracelet

    Regular price LE 1,632.00 EGP
    Sale price LE 1,632.00 EGP Regular price LE 1,920.00 EGP
    Sale Sold out
  • Simple cute heart necklace

    Regular price LE 840.00 EGP
    Sale price LE 840.00 EGP Regular price LE 1,120.00 EGP
    Sale Sold out
  • Free Size Platinum Plated Ring With Colorful Swarovski Crystal

    Regular price LE 833.00 EGP
    Sale price LE 833.00 EGP Regular price LE 980.00 EGP
    Sale Sold out
  • The Three Crystals Elegant Swan

    Regular price LE 1,224.00 EGP
    Sale price LE 1,224.00 EGP Regular price LE 1,440.00 EGP
    Sale Sold out
  • The Heart Crystal Platinum Plated Free Size Ring

    Regular price LE 810.00 EGP
    Sale price LE 810.00 EGP Regular price LE 1,080.00 EGP
    Sale Sold out
  • The fruit Sapphire crystal Necklace

    Regular price LE 1,156.00 EGP
    Sale price LE 1,156.00 EGP Regular price LE 1,360.00 EGP
    Sale Sold out
  • The Queen Crystal Heart brooch

    Regular price LE 1,513.00 EGP
    Sale price LE 1,513.00 EGP Regular price LE 1,780.00 EGP
    Sale Sold out
  • Swarovski Crystal Earrings luxury women's advanced design

    Regular price LE 1,853.00 EGP
    Sale price LE 1,853.00 EGP Regular price LE 2,180.00 EGP
    Sale Sold out
  • The vitrail Swarovski heart in heart necklace

    Regular price LE 1,156.00 EGP
    Sale price LE 1,156.00 EGP Regular price LE 1,360.00 EGP
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Hummingbird Collection

Flit from elegance to charm

with the Hummingbird Collection Capturing the grace and beauty of nature in every piece.

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Butterfly Collection

Embrace the transformation

With the Butterfly Collection, a symbol of growth, beauty, and elegance in every shimmering piece.

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Bracelets collection

Highlighting the beauty of Swarovski crystals, this collection will include bracelets with crystals in sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and more.

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Sapphire Collection

Our unique Swarovski Sapphire Crystal collection

Oh, the summer night, Has a smile of light, And she sits on a sapphire throne.

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Rings collection

Simple and understated rings featuring a plain band or a minimalist design, often worn as a symbol of commitment or friendship.

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the perfect Swarovski Crystal Set

Sparkle like royalty with our stunning Swarovski sapphire 925 silver set! Elevate your style and make a statement with this gorgeous jewelry that combines the brilliance of Swarovski with the durability of 925 silver. Order yours now and shine on!

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Davena WatchesEmbellished with Swarovski Crystals

Davena Is An Ingredient Branding Partner Of Swarovski And Is Therefore Authorized To Use The Statement "Crystals From Swarovski ®" And The "Crystals From Swarovski" Seal In Connection With Its Products Sold Under The Davena Brand Incorporating 100% Original Swarovski® Crystals.

  • New


    Regular price LE 4,199.00 EGP
    Sale price LE 4,199.00 EGP Regular price LE 4,940.00 EGP
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