Brand Story

There is a romantic island (ile de la cite) in the center of the River Seine in Paris, France.

The ile de la cite is the human habitat with the longest history in Paris. The scene in the island is beautiful.

Seine Murmur of flowing seine water, ran unruffled under the shady bank, which isolates the noisiness of the modern city, and creates an eternal charm.

This kind of quiet comfortable life belongs to ile de la cite.

Everyone here keeps a warming and bright smile on their faces which looks as if they have collected the whole sunlight in the summer.

A young man Carl, who is always whistling the Franc Ming tune, again sends bundles of cornflower to his beloved girl.

Aunt Susan, who operates a fruit store would pick the freshest mulberry every early morning and send them to the customers coming with bright and sweet smile.

The old Jonny couple would sit hand in hand under the palm tree outside their door when it is dusk, blessings are sent by them to every passer-by.

Every Sunday afternoon, single mother Melinna would take her four children and Feier, a big dog together to take part in the church choir.

From here, you can feel not only the life satisfaction but also experience the “believe in love and share love” brief with the warmth of ile de la cit people, where CDE Jewelry—the most romantic designs in the world origins.

The designers gather the warm meaning of “believe in love and share love” with CDE Jewelry. They bring this idea to China and share the fashion jewelry with millions of fashion ladies.

The best choice of fashion—CDE FASHION JEWELRY

BRAND FEATURE confident, Love life and fashion. Self-Respect, originating from Life and Close to Nature Optimistic, Design Philosophy: BRAND IMAGE Elegant, fashionable, tasteful and romantic